Meetings|Pre-Int|8. Closing a meeting

Read the stages of a meeting and put them in the logical order


Read the text and choose the correct option

How to close a meeting

Did it ever happen to you? You attended a meeting, shared ideas and made plans. But the meeting ended, and nothing ever happened after.

If discussing plans is not enough and you want to make things happen, ending a meeting well is very important.

Thank your team.

Saying ‘Thank you very much for coming’ and ‘I really appreciate your work and time’ can make a lot of difference and motivate your team to take action.

Get on the same page with the team.

Asking ‘Have we covered everything?’ or ‘Don’t forget to check your e-mail for the summary’ is a simple way to synchronise the team. Spending half an hour on questions or the follow-up e-mail can’t kill you, but realising nobody understood you – can.

Make sure the team knows what to do.

To make this happen, say ‘We’ve got a plan for the next week. Does everybody know what to do?’

Praise people, clarify plans, and enjoy success.

Match the expressions from the text to their explanations

pic1_Pharma intro|Pre-Int

Read the text and put in the missing words

pic1_Netw|Pre-Int|L12|typing, writing

What should you say after you covered all the items on the agenda?

Listen to the audio and tell what Jordan DIDN’T do in the end of the meeting

Meet|Pre-Int|L8_man is listening, listen

Jordan Ed Lydia JJ

Jordan: OK, well done. Let’s recap here. Today we’ve managed to cover all the items on the agenda. Good job.
Ed: Thanks.
Jordan: And, as we’ve seen from the monthly report Ed’s presented today, you’ve done far more than that. This month, you’ve developed a new design solution, and it’s been a success. You’re the reason why our company’s becoming number one on the market. Without your work this company is just tables and chairs and a… coffee machine.
Ed: And the goldfish in that aquarium in the corner!
Jordan: I don’t say it often, but I’m really proud to work with you. You’ve created and launched campaigns and solutions that people want and need.
Ed: I think we’ve deserved a vacation!
Jordan: You’ve driven the company forward, and I have no doubt you’ll be driving it even further, developing new solutions and launching new campaigns.
Ed: Thank you, Jordan.
Lydia: I can’t wait to get started with our new action plan now.
Ed: And I’ll go and try out that coffee machine!
JJ: It looks like Jordan has learnt that there’s no better way to close a meeting than by showing respect and appreciation to his colleagues. Good luck, team!

Listen to the audio again and mark the sentences true or false

Read the text and put down the verbs in Present Perfect form. Use the short form of have (‘ve or ‘s)

pic5_IELTS|Int|Exam read and speak

I/you/we/they + have + V3(ed)

He/she/it + has + V3(ed)

I/you/we/they + have = I’ve/you’ve/we’ve/they’ve

he/she/it + has = he’s/she’s/it’s

Read the dialogue and complete the sentences with the words learnt in the lesson

Conversation, dialogue, speaking_2

Listen to the audio and choose the correct answer

listen and write

JJ Jordan Lydia Ed

JJ: Not every meeting is super warm and motivational. Difficult conversations do sometimes happen and it’s good to be prepared to handle them.
Jordan: Thank you very much for your time today. Ok, I think that’s everything. Let’s just go through the action points to finish them off. Lydia, you’re checking if everything’s ready for the conference, Ed, you’re…
Lydia: Sorry, Jordan, can I ask something here?
Jordan: Sure, go ahead.
Lydia: I’m not clear since when my role has become to arrange chairs and furniture. With all due respect…
Ed: Lydia, why are you taking this so personally?
Lydia: With all due respect I can’t see why everyone thinks I don’t have anything else to do and the only free person.
Ed: Lydia, but look, let’s discuss..
Jordan: I’m sorry, but we need to wrap things up here. Virginia s booked the room for 11, and she’s going to start here soon.
Lydia: But…
Jordan: Let’s finish here. You can see your tasks assigned on Trello, and you can leave comments in case you have any questions.
Ed: When’s our next meeting going to be?
Jordan: I’ll get an e-mail with the minutes and updates. Have a productive day, everyone.
Ed: See you guys.
Lydia: Bye.
JJ: Although emotions sometimes make meetings difficult, every meeting should still be closed in a professional manner.

Listen to the audio again and choose the best answers to complete the statements

Read the dialogue and complete the sentences


  • Closing a meeting
  • Do it right
  • On the same page?
  • Practice!
  • How to do it?
  • Good job!
  • I have done it!
  • Perfect result
  • Stressful meeting
  • Time to finish
  • Stressful meeting
  • Time to finish
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