Networking|Pre-Int|10. Following up

Read new words and their definitions

readable font a readable font — the text you can read
a laundry day a laundry day — the day when you wash your clothes
pocket a pocket — a small bag on your clothes where you can put something, e.g. a business card
software software — computer programs
to dial to dial — to make a phone call to someone by choosing a particular series of numbers on the phone
to exclaim to exclaim — to say or shout something suddenly because of surprise, fear, pleasure, etc.

Complete the sentences with the given words

Read the text below


Life and death of a business card

Once upon a time there was a small business card. Everyone who touched it was happy. Everyone who looked at it exclaimed, «Who designed your business cards? I like the colour and font!» People also asked, «Where did you print your cards?» The card was really pretty. It was easy to read, had a small company logo and just the right amount of text.

One day the card had to leave its cosy case. It was happy to travel, see the sunlight and meet new people. But the trip was short. Business card soon found itself in a dark pocket. The last thing the card heard was,

«Do you use any software to organise your contacts?»

— «Who needs software when I can always take a card and dial the number?»

So the card wanted to be useful one special day. However, the special day was a laundry day. A powerful washing machine killed our business card.

What is the point of this story? Don’t let a business card live a useless life. Take the card’s life in your warm hands: scan it with a special app and save the information to your contacts. You can then download it right into your CRM system if you use one. Or just take a photo of the card. It will be happy to pose. Business cards are small but they can help you a lot if you treat them nicely.

*CRM system (сustomer relationship management) is a number of software applications that help an organisation determine the needs and preferences of their customers.

Read the text again and choose the wrong phrase

Choose the best phrase for each situation

Read Lydia’s follow-up message to Peter and give the definition of «follow up»

Dear Peter, this is Lydia from XYZ advertising agency. We met at the marketing conference held last week at the Trade Centre.

Listen to the audio and choose the best option


man speaking phone

Listen to the audio again and mark the sentences as True or False

Listen to the phrases for a follow-up message and complete the sentences

listen and write

Rearrange the words to make sentences for a follow-up message

Hi, Lydia

Read Jordan’s follow-up message and correct the mistakes in the gaps


Watch the video and choose the correct option

Watch the video again and choose the correct options to complete the sentences

Complete the sentences with the words learnt in the lesson


Fill the correct phrases from the box and make a dialogue

Conversation, speaking, dialogue