Networking|Pre-Int|11. Using social networks

Match the phrases with the corresponding definitions

Social networks

Listen to the audio and choose the correct answer


Listen to the audio again and mark the sentences as True or False

Choose the correct options

pic6_Intro|Int|Non-profit fundraising

Match the words with their definitions


Read the text and choose the correct option

pic6_IELTS|Int|Exam read and speak

The power of social media

Jordan got hurt by being blocked. But it was a great lesson that encouraged him to improve his social media image and become useful for people. Useful, not annoying.

Jordan deleted Simone’s New Year post and all the personal posts with zero likes. Then he updated his status, «I’m creating a project about professional success/fails called #successfails. What topics would be the most interesting to you?» The hashtag wasn’t great, to be honest, but Jordan’s friends loved it because they thought it was ironic.

The next day Jordan updated his status again, «We need to talk about Raindrop. I have just discovered this tool for organising browser bookmarks, and it’s amazing!»

Every day Jordan gave reviews about a tool he liked or shared his opinions on professional topics.

Jordan felt popular. He was ready to share #successfails that his friends mentioned in the comments. Jordan was not afraid to joke about his fails, and the response was amazing. So when he asked, «I’m going to the effective management workshop, who is coming? Let’s meet up there!», 10 people signed up! Jordan finally understood the power of social media.

Read the text again and tick the tips that have helped Jordan to improve his social media image

Click on one wrong option in bold


Tick the tips that can help you to promote your business with the help of social media



Learn more about 🔗hashtags and when to use them, how and why.

Study new phrases and their meaning


1. to study someone’s profile — to read someone’s profile

2. dirty laundry — unpleasant things about a person

3. use that to your advantage — use that to get something from it

4. to feel awkward — to feel stupid

Complete the questions with the words given in the box

Watch the video and choose the correct option

Tick the useful tips for using social media


  • Get ready
  • Jordan finds Simone on Facebook
  • Things to avoid
  • More words
  • The power of social media
  • Comment practice
  • Post, post, post
  • Study the phrases
  • Lydia's advice
  • Check your skills
  • Study the phrases
  • Lydia\'s advice
  • Check your skills
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