Networking|Pre-Int|8. To discuss or not to discuss?

Match the words with their definitions


Complete the sentences with the words from the box

Listen to the audio and mark the sentences as True or False


Lydia Male voice JJ

J: You’ve survived your first pleasantries and small talk, described yourself as a professional and as a person. What else can you discuss with a person you’ve just met? Choose a neutral topic that you’re comfortable with. I’d love to recommend ‘news’ but- For some people it сan be unpleasant, especially if you have different opinions about things.

L: Have you read the news today? Your government actions are shocking! They really need to change their direction.

M: What about your government, huh?! Only complete idiots support their policy!

J: Yeah, it’s a totally wrong direction of a conversation. Try discussing art or new technologies instead.

L: Have you heard about the new exhibition at the Central House of Artists? I’ve read nice reviews about it and I’d really like to go!

M: No, I haven’t. What is it about?

J: You can also talk about your habits and free time. You can never go wrong with that!

L: I’m passionate about spending time in the country. I always try to escape from the city at weekends.

M: Really? I usually party on Fridays and Saturdays. And on Sundays I sleep.

J: And sport! Sport is another fun neutral topic to discuss.

L: Did you watch the game yesterday? It seems that Brazil will win the World Cup this year.

M: Are you mad?! Germany is the absolute favourite of this World Cup!

J: Well, maybe not.

Read the dialogue and do the task below



Match the words to their definitions


Watch the video and put the topics in the order you hear them

Person 1 Lydia Person 2 Person 3 Person 4

P1: Of course, I get tired too. Who wouldn’t in my place? 15 powerful campaigns in the last 2 years, job offers from 2 big international companies, an upcoming personal exhibition. Did I mention that I also enjoy photography? Some serious people like my photos so much, they want to exhibit them at galleries!

L: Wow. It must be tough to be so successful.

P2: So we are sitting in a conference room, ready to sign the contract. It’s 10:30 and our colleagues from Madrid are still not here.

L: Spanish people never arrive on time. Their life is a non-stop siesta.

P3: I think it’s none of your business. And you’re too emotional, well, like any woman…

L: Excuse me?!? Do you think it’s appropriate? This is so sexist! Excuse me. Did you say James Wilson? From Unilever?

P4: That’s right. We worked together a couple of years ago.

L: Oh! Have you seen him recently? He looks different. Has he fixed his nose?

P4: What?

Watch the video again and choose the correct options

Listen to the sentences and choose which taboo topics they belong to

Choose the best answers

pic4_Intro|Pre-Int|Formal communication


After this lesson you might think there’s nothing to discuss anymore. That’s not true. You can alsways join Facebook communities or read blogs on Internet devoted to your professional and personal interests. Believe, if you do so, you’ll always have a topic for a conversation.

Listen to the audio and choose the best answers


There are three basic rules of networking. Here they are.

The first rule of networking is to be useful. Don’t be afraid to give advice to people you’ve just met. If you know how to boost their career, you should absolutely try. Present your advice in the form of a friendly question to sound polite.

Have you considered promoting your project on Youtube? Your target audience seem to use it a lot.

The second rule of networking is to be VERY useful. Someone is looking for a new job or a sponsor? Someone else is looking for new employees? Help them find each other! I think I know someone who might be interested. Can I share your contacts with Maria Jensen? She is the head of sales department at Coca-Cola.

The third rule of networking is to be grateful.

If you receive a referral or advice, show that you consider it. Even if it’s not really useful for your business.

Selling my coffeehouse to your friend and moving to live in a cave sounds like an interesting idea, thanks! It would be great if you gave him my contacts.

Listen to the audio again and complete the sentences

Read the dialogue and complete the sentences with the words learnt in the lesson


  • Get ready
  • Good topic, bad topic
  • Small talk
  • Some new words
  • Taboo things at networking
  • Taboo areas
  • Always talk positive
  • Golden rules of networking
  • Talk and thank practice
  • Golden rules of networking
  • Talk and thank practice
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