Networking|Pre-Int|9. Dealing with bad networking

Read the words and remember their definitions

valuable contact a valuable contact — a useful contact
to blend in to blend in — to look the same as the people around
to do a favour to do a favour — to help someone

Watch the video and choose the best option

Watch the video again and mark the sentences as True or False

Read the sentences and identify if they belong to a good or a bad networker


Wanna be a good networker? Just make sure you don’t network 🔗like him.

Match the words and their definitions


Read the text and choose the correct option

Read, reading, text

While Lydia was in a toilet cubicle, she heard two women discussing some bad networker they met at the conference. «He had no respect for his clients, talked too much about himself and said that networking is only for selling, while not paying attention to the presentation. Really, a terrible guy.»

Lydia was listening carefully — she knew that guy. He made Lydia cry earlier that day. «But how did you reply?» the other woman said. «Well, when he criticised someone’s ideas I answered with: ‘I have heard good reviews about their work.’ When he advised not to use someone’s services I changed the subject with ‘Have you tried the food here?‘ And he also called different people «not valuable». I was very angry and said ‘You never know how a person can help you, or you can help them.‘ And I decided to never work with him.»

Lydia quickly took out her notebook, she wanted to write everything down. Suddenly, her door opened and the two women saw her, holding a pen and a notebook. It was the worst day in her life.

Read the text again and choose the best answers

Choose the correct options


Complete the dialogue

Listen to the audio and choose the best option

business man, networker, office man

Listen to the audio again and mark the sentences true or false

Listen to the audio and complete the sentences

Listen to task