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Complete the definitions with the missing words

💡Over the last 20 years, the popularity of video games has increased significantly, completely changing the entertainment industry. Over the last decade, e-sports have become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Why are they so popular? How do e-sports differ from real sports?

Today you’re going to study this topic in detail and fill in the gaps in your knowledge!

Ready? Let’s get started!


Tick the e-sports games

Do the tasks to see if you are right

Read the text again and choose the correct options


Listen to the audio and do the tasks

I record the outcome of matches, make sure that the players are sticking to the rules, and hand out penalties if any are broken. I often have to communicate with teams to settle any disputes, keep track of the tournament brackets and offer support to the community where needed. During live events, for example, LAN finals, I usually keep an eye on the teams, monitor matches, and make sure all rules are adhered to, for example, that the players are wearing the correct noise-cancelling headsets, and that no foul play is going on. I am responsible for dealing with any in-game or on-stage issues, for example, if a PC freezes or a keyboard breaks mid-tournament.

My duty is to speak over the action to inform and entertain the viewer. I need good knowledge of the game and teams, to offer personality and bring a match to life. I usually sit at a desk unlike a stage host who acts as a presenter of a tournament, introduces teams, and may be required to interview players and other experts, like a TV presenter. I enjoy what I do, though my job is rather demanding. I am often on the road for months at a time, depending on which tournaments are running and when.

I am the one who controls the in-game camera for e-sports broadcasts. I make sure the camera is highlighting the most interesting aspects of the match. I work within the production team behind the scenes, liaising closely with the casters and the broadcast crew. I sometimes edit footage, so I am quite active on social media to stay updated with developments. My job is great because I have an opportunity to go to events and sit in a quasi-role between talent and production and I get the best of both worlds.

I am responsible for ensuring a particular tournament or e-sports event is a success. My role is similar to a project manager but is obviously purely focused on putting together a great event or series of events. It’s an incredibly varied role – as I need to liaise with many different teams, from production to external partners and stakeholders, venue management, marketing and sales to name a few. I also have to come up with new ideas, solutions and ways of making the show work, even when faced with challenges and directions.

Use the 🔗link to read more about careers in the e-sports industry.


Study some new vocabulary and choose the correct options to complete the predictions about the future of e-sports

  • revenue — company income
  • to exceed — to go beyond a stated limit
  • endemic brands — companies that create products used in the production or playing of e-sports, such as software and computer component manufacturers
  • non-endemic brands — companies that create products that are not vital to the production or playing of e-sports, e.g. Coca-Cola or Geico

Read the texts and complete the sentences with the words from the box

e-sports enthusiasts / North America / second-largest / fastest-growing / endemic and non-endemic / media rights / $1.1 billion


Complete the table with your ideas

E-sports vs. Real sports

Similarities Differences

Watch the video and mark the sentences as True or False

What is e-sports? And, more importantly, should it become an Olympic event? Well, we have an answer from the President of the International Olympic Committee himself, and Thomas Bach says it’s too soon to tell. Bach admits that physical activity in competitive gaming is, in some areas, comparable to traditional sports and that e-sports is big competition for the sports industry, especially when it comes to attracting younger audiences. On the other hand, the IOC has issues with the violence in a lot of the games, which doesn’t really represent Olympic values. Plus, the popularity of games changes so quickly, it would be hard to nail one down for an event. Not to mention maintaining consistency for developing athletes every four years. And for those reasons, Bach says there needs to be more research and more discussion to figure out whether e-gaming can be considered an Olympic sport. It’s an interesting debate because the e-sports industry is continuing to explode. Back in 2013, the U.S. Government even recognized League of Legend players as pro athletes, so international players could get working visas to compete there. And the prize money you win at an e-sports competition is comparable to traditional sports, and in many cases, surpasses them. Some e-sport athletes take home millions of dollars a year. Not to mention the industry is expected to generate over a billion dollars by 2020. What do you think about e-sports becoming an Olympic event? Is it too soon to tell? Comment below.


Complete the questions with the missing words

Read the instructions and do the task

Imagine you are a pro gamer and have been invited to a TV show. There are some questions from the audience. You have 2 minutes to prepare and make notes on the main points of your answers. Don’t forget to mention:

  • the game you play;
  • how you became a pro gamer;
  • the advantages and disadvantages of being a pro gamer;
  • the differences between e-sports and real sports.

Use the questions from the first exercise as a plan for your answer.

Use some of the expressions from the Useful language section below.

Use the voice recorder.

  • first-person shooters (FPS)
  • real-time strategy (RTS) games
  • multiplayer online battle arena
  • (MOBA) games
  • to adhere to
  • to keep track of
  • to settle disputes
  • to be on the road
  • to liaise with somebody
  • to launch
  • revenue
  • to exceed
  • endemic brands
  • non-endemic brands
  • a venue
  • non-digital sports
  • team-based sports
  • to culminate in
  • to be dubbed
  • fast-paced
  • to blend
  • a prize pool
  • annual
  • head-to-head


Complete the sentences with the correct words

Choose the correct options to complete the extracts


Click on the link in the box to read about most popular emotes and match the names to the pictures

Twitch emotes

🔗A guide to the most popular Twitch emotes

To understand every moment of 🔗Twitch — every pitfall, every win, every ridiculous play — is to understand the emotes, those instantaneous reactions in the right sidebar. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of emotes being sent over Twitch chat every second, and to someone who’s just ventured in to check out a stream, it can be a little daunting.

Match the names of emotes to their meanings


Match the words and their definitions

Read the task and record your 3-minute speech about the conference you have chosen. You can use the words from the first exercise

It has become popular to attend conferences where attendees can not only learn some new trends in their field but also do useful networking and even promote themselves or their product. Imagine you were to go to an IT conference. Use 🔗the link to see the list of possible conferences in Consumer Technology Association. Choose one conference and comment on your choice.

Cover the following points:

  1. Which IT field would you choose?
  2. What is the essence of the conference?
  3. What would the conference give you?
  4. What kind of registration option would you prefer? Why?
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