Silicon Valley|Season 1|Episode 2: The Cap table

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Season 1, Episode 2

The Cap table

About the episode

Richard to hire him, as he sees huge potential in the Pied Piper idea, and is hired due to his business expertise. However, in evaluating the Pied Piper team, Jared discovers that while Gilfoyle and Dinesh are brilliant coders, Big Head is comparatively mediocre, and Richard is pressured by everyone to fire him as he brings nothing to the table. After much arguing, Richard refuses to do so, but Big Head announces that he was given a huge raise and promotion at Hooli, as Gavin Belson wants to publicize Big Head as co-founder of Pied Piper. Later, Big Head tells Richard that work has begun on reverse-engineering Pied Piper to create the same product, branded under a different name.

Before watching the episode it’s better to learn all the vocabulary. The following tasks will help you to memorize all of them so you won’t face any difficulties with understanding. 😊 Click on the option «Выбрать режим обучения».

1. Learning the voc with the QUIZLET platform

✔️ To pursue the best results you have to complete every single step of the section «Изучать»

«Карточки» ➡️ «Заучивание» ➡️ «Письмо» ➡️ «Правописание» ➡️ «Тест»

✔️ To reach even better level – complete the section «Играть»

2. Doing the crossword puzzle

Crossword puzzles are extremely entertaining. This good old-fashioned game attracted the U.S. back in 1913. Crossword puzzles are more than just a pass time activity. Being a boredom buster they are actually beneficial to our mental and physical health.

✔️ The following crossword contains all the vocabulary from the previous task

✔️ Start solving it with clicking the clue button as it is showed below:

✔️ To start practicing:

Now you are ready to watch the episode. 😊😊😊

*** It’s better for you to watch it without subs, but if you feel you need to use them.

This unit is for your knowledge consolidation. Pass every single test to be able to estimate your understanding skills.

1. Listening test

Play the episodes intervals and write the whole sentence.

2. Writing test

Look at the pictures and write everything you can remember about the moment

Speaking test

To pass this test you have to:

1. Listen to the dialogue very carefully and try to copy the pronunciation, accent and the pace of the speech.

2. Use the microphone, press the button «Record» and make an audio of you replaying the following dialogue. Then download your file.

P. Can I see your cap table, investment deck, business plan, or any other relevant paperwork you may have prepared?

R. I just was under the impression that we would just be coming by and saying, «Hi,» you know, uh, to pick up the check. And I just didn’t know that any of that stuff was due yet

P. «Due»? This is not college, Richard. I am not going to be giving you a course syllabus. You turned down $10 million to keep Pied Piper. What did you give up that money for? What is this company? What did I buy?

R. You bought the algorithm, which…

P. No. The algorithm is the product of the company. I know that. What I’m asking about is the company itself. Who is it? What do they do? Are they essential? Or do you just throw a percentage at them, like you did with this. This all must be worked out. Now.

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