Silicon Valley|Season 1|Episode 3: Articles of Incorporation

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Season 1, Episode 3

Articles of Incorporation

About the episode

Richard and Jared discover that the Pied Piper business name is already in use by an irrigation enterprise in Gilroy, California. While Jared, Dinesh and Gilfoyle begin brainstorming new names for the application, Erlich decides to find a name by setting off on a vision quest at Sonora Desert, which results in Erlich having a panic attack after consuming hallucinogenic mushrooms. Adamant on keeping the original name, Richard attempts to prove that he is a good negotiator by convincing the irrigation company to give up the name Pied Piper. Initially the company’s owner asks for a small amount of money but after reading about the technology’s success on the web, he asks for a lot more. After confronting him, Richard manages to keep the name for almost the original price, while Erlich, still in the aftermath of his vision quest, returns with a child by his side, convinced he has found another version of himself.
Meanwhile, Peter Gregory becomes obsessed with Burger King products, leaving his assistant Monica in a difficult position with some of their clients, who need an urgent cash injection or risk firing hundreds of people. Taking his time, Gregory ends up investing in sesame seed production, earning a huge profit in stock and solving the situation to Monica’s and their associates’ relief.

Before watching the episode it’s better to learn all the vocabulary. The following tasks will help you to memorize all of them so you won’t face any difficulties with understanding😊. Click on the option «Выбрать режим обучения».

1. Learning the voc with the QUIZLET platform

✔️ To pursue the best results you have to complete every single step of the section «Изучать»

«Карточки» ➡️ «Заучивание» ➡️ «Письмо» ➡️ «Правописание» ➡️ «Тест»

✔️ To reach even better level – complete the section «Играть»

2. Doing the crossword puzzle

Crossword puzzles are extremely entertaining. This good old-fashioned game attracted the U.S. back in 1913. Crossword puzzles are more than just a pass time activity. Being a boredom buster they are actually beneficial to our mental and physical health.

✔️ The following crossword contains all the vocabulary from the previous task

✔️ Start solving it with clicking the clue button as it is showed below:

✔️ To start practicing:

Now you are ready to watch the episode. 😊😊😊

*** It’s better for you to watch it without subs, but if you feel you need to use them.

This unit is for your knowledge consolidation. Pass every single test to be able to estimate your understanding skills.

1. Listening test

Play the episodes intervals and write the whole sentence.

2. Writing test

Look at the pictures and write everything you can remember about the moment

Speaking test

To pass this test you have to:

1. Listen to the dialogue very carefully and try to copy the pronunciation, accent and the pace of the speech.

2. Use the microphone, press the button «Record» and make an audio of you replaying the following dialogue. Then download your file.

G — Dude! Dude, hey. I owe you a big apology, man. I had no idea who you were before and I read all this coverage about your company online, and I was like, «Hey, Pied Piper! «I met this dude! He came into the store «and told me my parking app was awesome!»

R — I did?

G — Yeah, so my mom was like, «Wow, really? «You should really pursue it!» And I was like, «Yeah, I should.»

R — The parking app?

G — So she decides to get a reverse mortgage on her home and write me a check.

R — Ooh…

G — So I’m funded! Because of you, man. I was this close to giving up, and now you gave me my dream back, man! Hey, Ron! You see this guy? This billionaire here? He’s the reason why I’m quitting! Well, you’ve helped me so much, what can I do for you?

R — Well, I need to return this machine because I’m broke, and I need money for food.

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