Teens|Grammar activating|El|22. Safe cities

Match the words with the pictures

Listen to the recording and complete the rules

The Hong Kong Metro (MTR) is very popular. It’s one of the cleanest and most comfortable metro systems in the world. However, there are some strict rules to make sure that it stays this way:

  • You must have a valid ticket to travel;
  • You mustn’t eat or drink on trains. Fines are up to HKD 5000$;
  • You must stand behind the yellow line on the platform;
  • You mustn’t take bikes on trains;
  • You mustn’t shout. A guide may ask you to leave the train if you do;
  • You mustn’t play musical instruments, dance or sing on trains.

Read the rule



You must have a valid ticket. You must not / mustn’t eat or drink on the subway.

We use «must V», «mustn’t V» to talk about rules, laws and obligations.


✔️ You must do it. = It’s necessary. It’s the rule or law.

✔️ You mustn’t do it. = It’s against the rule or law.

Choose the correct option. Then listen and check

  1. You mustn’t carry large objects on trains.
  2. You must have a ticket for children over 1.2 meters tall.
  3. You mustn’t paint on the walls of trains.
  4. You mustn’t smoke.
  5. You must respect other passengers.
  6. You mustn’t drop rubbish.
  7. You must follow all signs and instructions.
  8. You mustn’t put your feet on the seats.

Look at the signs and make sentences

stop, pay, run, swim, be older than 13, turn right, walk here, turn left, show your ticket, put rubbish in the bin, walk on the paths, light fires, touch birds’ nests, close the gate

Example: You must stop. You mustn’t swim there.

sign1 sign2 sign3 sign4
sign5 sign6 sign7 sign8
sign9 sign10 sign11 sign12
sign13 sign14

Listen to the recording and match the sentences to the speakers

— You must have lights on your bike at night.
— I know. I’m very sorry, sir. I’ll get some.

1. — You must tidy your bedroom.
— I know, Mum. I promise I will.

2. — You must eat a lot offruit and vegetables.
— I know, doctor. I’ll try.

3. — You must try to run faster!
— I’m trying, sir.

4. — You must listen to the beat!
— Sorry.

5. — You must sit down when we’re moving.
— OK.

6. — You mustn’t take photos in here.
— Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize.

7. — You mustn’t touch these chemicals.
— OK, miss.

8. — You mustn’t eat so much chocolate.
— Sorry.

Make sentences about yourself

1. My parents say that I must/mustn’t…

2. My teacher says that I must/mustn’t…

3. My coach says that I must/mustn’t…

4. My doctor says that I must/mustn’t…

Listen to the recording and complete the dialogue. Then read the rule

pic2_Grammar act|El|L22

Heidi: It’s half past three. I have to go.
Andy: Do you have to go right now?
Heidi: Yes, I do. I have to be home at four.

I / we / you / they

He / she / it

I have to go.

We have to wear uniform at school.

My dad has to work on Sundays.

She has to buy a ticket for the bus.

Have to V/has to V is a modal verb. We use it to talk about things that are important because of rules and situations.

Example: You have to do it. = It’s necessary, it’s an obligation.

Note that «have to V» is very similar to «must V».

Make the sentences with have/has to V

Look at the picture. What’s the woman’s job? Let’s read what she says.

pic3_Grammar act|El|L22

I have to travel around the city. A driver must concentrate at all times. I’m responsible for a lot of people so I mustn’t get distracted. I have to follow all the traffic rules. I don’t have to pay for the ride myself.

We say «don’t have to V», «doesn’t have to V» when something is not necessary and we have a choice.

Example: This museum is free. You don’t have to pay to go there.

Match the phrases to the people

Choose the correct option

Make sentences about the rules at your school

wear a uniform, arrive on time, do sport every day, prepare for the lessons, do tests every day, tidy the classroom, be polite to teachers, buy food in the canteen, do a lot of homework

1. We have to…

2. We must…

3. We mustn’t…

4. We don’t have to…

pic4_Grammar act|El|L22

Make the new rules for different places

to pay, to bring pets, to be polite, to wear a uniform, to be quiet, to eat or drink, to ask, to speak, to come on time

1. You must/mustn’t…

2. You have to…

3. You don’t have to…

Rules in public transport
Rules in parks
Rules in cafes and restaurants
Rules at school

pic5_Grammar act|El|L22

pic6_Grammar act|El|L22

pic7_Grammar act|El|L22

Complete the text with «must V» or «mustn’t V»

pic8_Grammar act|El|L22 pic9_Grammar act|El|L22

Write the rules using the prompts

Look at the signs and complete the sentences with «must V/mustn’t V»

pic10_Grammar act|El|L22

Make true sentences with «must V/mustn’t V»

Read the text and choose the correct word

pic11_Grammar act|El|L22 pic12_Grammar act|El|L22

Read and complete the gaps with the words from the list

have to/must, mustn’t, don’t have to

Урок Homework Курс
  • Warm-up
  • Travel around Hong Kong
  • You must have a valid ticket
  • Follow the rules
  • They say you must...
  • I have to be home at four...
  • People in the city
  • The rules at your school
  • Make your rules
  • Grammar reference
  • Travel safely
  • Signs
  • Jobs for people
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