Teens|Grammar activating|El|26. The best in class

Divide the adjectives into the right categories. Say which are positive and which are negative

Talk about how similar you are to the members of your family

Read the descriptions and match them to the photos

Kevin is short. He wears glasses and he’s got curly hair. He always helps people. Kevin is the shortest in our class.

Tom is tall and has dark hair. He’s very hard-working. He’s the best student in our class. He’s also the tallest.

Paul is short and his hair is fair. He’s got blue eyes and doesn’t wear glasses. He likes making jokes — he’s very funny.

Ben is the youngest in our class. He’s got blonde hair. He is kind and funny, but sometimes lazy. Ben’s my best friend.

Compare the boys

Complete the sentences

pic1_Grammar act|El|L26 pic2_Grammar act|El|L26

We use Superlative adjectives to talk about three or more things or people.

We use the before the Superlative adjective.

We add -est to short adjectives: light — the lightest

Mind the spelling:

happy — the happiest

pretty — the prettiest

fat — the fattest

Remember the exceptions:

good — the best

bad — the worst

Write the superlatives

Read the text and write the superlative adjectives

pic3_Grammar act|El|L26

My favourite teacher

Mr Jones is my science teacher. He is the best teacher in our school. Every time he makes unusual lessons for us: we do experiments and science projects, watch videos, prepare presentations.

All my classmates think that science lessons are the most interesting. But also, they are the most difficult, so we have to work hard and study a lot.

We form the Superlative Degree of long adjectives like this:

✔️ beautiful — the most beautiful

Write the Superlative Degrees of the adjectives

Complete the sentences with the Superlative forms of adjectives

pic4_Grammar act|El|L26

Make questions and answer them in turn

Example: Who’s the oldest person in your family?

pic5_Grammar act|El|L26

Listen to the recording, complete the table, then speak about the girls

Dora is friendlier than Rosy, but Beth is the friendliest of all.

1. Rosy is better at sport than Beth, but Dora is the best of all.

2. Rosy is the most intelligent. Beth is more intelligent than Dora.

3. Dora is shyer than Beth, but Rosy is the shyest of all.

4. Dora is the most popular. Beth is more popular than Rosy.

Choose a present for each person. Give reasons for your choice

pic6_Grammar act|El|L26

expensive, cheap, beautiful, safe, interesting, useful, nice, special, boring, useless

  • The best…
  • The worst…
  • … is better than…
  • … is cheaper than…

✔️ I think, the best present for Peter is…

Think about three people from your life and choose presents for them

Example: I’d like to give flowers to my mother. She’s the kindest person in my family. She likes flowers.

Choose a person

  • your parent
  • your classmate
  • your teacher
  • your friend

Describe the person:

  • the best…
  • the most…
  • kind
  • intelligent
  • hard-working
  • funny
  • old
  • young

Choose a present and give reasons

  • useful
  • interesting
  • nice
  • special
  • cheap
  • expensive

Comparative adjectives

pic7_Grammar act|El|L26

We use comparative adjectives when we compare two people, places, animals or objects.

✔️ Elephants are taller than horses.
✔️ Giraffes are taller than elephants.

Adjectives change to comparative adjectives like this:

Short adjectives: + er/+ r

Adjective — Comparative adjective

  • tall — taller
  • big* — bigger
  • nice — nicer

*Double the final consonant in adjectives that end in vowel + consonant: big → bigger

Adjectives ending in — y

Adjective — Comparative adjective

✔️ hungry — hungrier
✔️ friendly — friendlier

Long adjectives (two or more syllables)

Adjective — Comparative adjective

✔️ difficult — more difficult
✔️ intelligent — more intelligent

Irregular adjectives

Adjective — Comparative adjective

✔️ good — better
✔️ bad — worse

We can use comparative adjectives after be, look, get and feel.

We usually use «than» after comparative adjectives.

✔️ They’re more expensive than apples.

We can sometimes use a comparative adjective on its own to describe a change.

✔️ The weather’s getting colder. (= colder than it was before)
✔️ I feel better now. (= better than I felt yesterday)

Superlative adjectives

We use superlative adjectives when we compare a person, animal, place or thing with all of the group they are in.

✔️ That giraffe is the tallest animal in the zoo.
✔️ Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world.

Adjectives change to superlative adjectives like this.

Short adjectives

Adjective — Superlative adjective

✔️ young — the youngest
✔️ rich — the richest
✔️ sad — the saddest*

*Double the final consonant in adjectives that end in vowel + consonant:

✔️ sad → the saddest, wet → the wettest

Adjectives ending in -y

Adjective — Superlative adjective

✔️ funny — the funniest
✔️ happy — the happiest

Long adjectives (two or more syllables)

Adjective — Superlative adjective

✔️ comfortable — the most comfortable
✔️ delicious — the most delicious

Irregular adjectives

Adjective — Superlative adjective

✔️ good — the best
✔️ bad — the worst

We always use the before superlative adjectives.

✔️ Ronny’s the funniest person in the class.

After superlative adjectives we usually use in or on before the name of a place.

✔️ It’s the biggest lake in Europe.
✔️ It’s the most dangerous place on Earth.

Write the superlative forms

Listen to the sentences and write them down

pic9_Grammar act|El|L26

Russia is the biggest country in the world.

1. I am the youngest person in my family.

2. Sam is the best singer in the class.

3. My Birthday is the most exciting day in the year.

4. Mr Harris is the nicest teacher in the school.

5. The Simpsons is the funniest show on TV.

Choose the correct option

pic10_Grammar act|El|L26

Complete the superlative forms

Think about the people from your life

pic4_Grammar act|El|L24

Write 6 sentences about the most interesting people from your life

Example: My dad is the smartest in our family.

Who is…?

  • the most intelligent
  • the prettiest
  • the kindest
  • the most hard-working
  • the most unusual
  • the best at sport

Урок Homework Курс
  • Warm-up
  • The classmates
  • The tallest, the oldest...
  • My favourite teacher
  • The people in your life
  • Beth, Dora and Rosy
  • The best present
  • Grammar reference
  • The Superlatives
  • The funniest show on TV
  • Comparative or superlative?
  • The most interesting people
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