Teens|Grammar activating|El| Revise and check 1

Choose the correct option

pic1_Grammar act|Revise 1

Look at the picture and complete the sentence with one word

pic2_Grammar act|El|Revise 1

Choose the correct option

Look at the picture. Listen to the track and choose the right option

pic3_Grammar act|Revise 1

Hi! I’m Kim. This is my sister, and this is my brother. This jacket is mine. That jacket is his. These shoes are hers. Those shoes are mine. That bag is his. This bag is hers.

Listen to the track and complete the table

Miss Johnson: So, you’ve got a new English penfriend. Tell me about her.
Lucy: Well, her name is Linda.
Miss Johnson: Linda?
Lucy: Yes! L-I-N-D-A.
Miss Johnson: And she’s a girl.
Lucy: Of course, she is! She’s girl, and she’s thirteen years old, like me.
Miss Johnson: Have you got a photo of her?
Lucy: No, I haven’t. Not here. I’ve got one at home. Linda’s small and she’s got brown hair and green eyes.
Miss Johnson: Where is she from in England? Is she from London?
Lucy: Yes, she is. She’s from London.
Miss Johnson: Has she got any brothers and sisters?
Lucy: Yes, she has. She’s got two little sisters.

Read the text and choose the correct option

pic5_Grammar act|Revise 1

British meals and mealtimes

pic6_Grammar act|El|Revise 1 The first meal of the day is breakfast — usually between seven and eight o’clock. The traditional British breakfast is very big: bacon, eggs, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and fried bread!

But these days people don’t cook a big breakfast every morning. They have a cooked breakfast on Sundays or when they stay in a hotel.

Most people have a light breakfast. There are some typical things that people have for breakfast:

  • cereal with milk,
  • yoghurt,
  • fruit (grapefruit is popular),
  • orange juice,
  • toast with jam or marmalade,
  • coffee or tea.
pic7_Grammar act|El|Revise 1 Between twelve o’clock and two o’clock, people have lunch. This is often a light meal of soup, sandwiches and/or a salad. Most children eat packed lunches at school. This usually has some sandwiches, some fruit, maybe some salad, yoghurt and something sweet.

Also, they can buy some food at the school canteen.

pic8_Grammar act|El|Revise 1 The main meal of the day is dinner. People usually eat it between six and seven o’clock in the evening.

A traditional dinner is meat or fish with potatoes and vegetables, but many people now cook food from other countries. Lasagne, spaghetti bolognese, risotto and curry are popular. Some people are vegetarians.

After the main course, some people have dessert, such as fruit, chocolate cake, apple pie with ice cream or custard.

In some parts of Britain, people have the main meal at midday and call it «dinner». They call the light meal that they have in the afternoon or evening «tea». Some people also call the evening meal «supper». This can be a light meal or a main meal.

Read the task and prepare your 1-minute speech

pic9_Grammar act|Revise 1

Answer the questions:

  1. Is it a boy’s or a girl’s room?
  2. Are there any pets?
  3. What colour are the cats?
  4. Are there any toys?
  5. What is there on the shelf?
  6. Is there any food?
  7. How many apples are there?
  8. How many cars are there?
  9. Is the room tidy and clean?
  10. Is it cozy?

Allow your browser the access to the microphone, press the button «Click to record» and record the speech you have prepared

Read the task and instructions

pic10_Grammar act|El|Revise 1

All classrooms are different.

Think about the things in your classroom and answer the questions:

  1. What floor is your classroom on?
  2. What is there near your classroom?
  3. Is it big or small?
  4. Is it light?
  5. How many windows are there?
  6. Are there any plants?
  7. What colour are the walls and the desks?
  8. How many desks are there?


My classroom.

My classroom is on the fourth floor. There are many desks and chairs. I think it is big.


Write about your classroom. Use the words and phrases from the list above

Советы по написанию задания:

  1. Прочитайте внимательно задание и/или вопросы
  2. Составьте план того, о чем хотите написать
  3. Напишите текст по составленному плану
  4. Перечитайте текст перед отправкой на проверку
  5. Воспользуйтесь программой, которая поможет избежать опечаток и исправит некоторые ошибки.

If you open the lesson plan you will be able to assign separate pages as homework or all the homework pages at once.

Урок Homework Курс
  • Grammar challenge
  • Vocabulary race
  • Listen and choose
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Can you write?
  • Homework
  1. 1. Teens|Grammar activating|El|1. Welcome to school
  2. 2. Teens|Grammar activating|El|2. This is my world
  3. 3. Teens|Grammar activating|El|3. Lost and found
  4. 4. Teens|Grammar activating|El|4. Family portraits
  5. 5. Teens|Grammar activating|El|5. The place where you live
  6. 6. Teens|Grammar activating|El|6. My dream room
  7. 7. Teens|Grammar activating|El|7. It’s time for lunch!
  8. 8. Teens|Grammar activating|El|8. Shopping for food
  9. 9. Teens|Grammar activating|El|9. Let's cook
  10. 10. Teens|Grammar activating|El| Revise and check 1
  11. 11. Teens|Grammar activating|El|11. Different lives
  12. 12. Teens|Grammar Activating|El|12. All the things we like
  13. 13. Teens|Grammar activating|El|13. The chocolate factory
  14. 14. Teens|Grammar activating|El|14. My favourite photos
  15. 15. Teens|Grammar activating|El|15. A day without a mobile
  16. 16. Teens|Grammar activating|El|16. Going back in time
  17. 17. Teens|Grammar activating|El|17. Stars
  18. 18. Teens|Grammar activating|El|18. School is cool
  19. 19. Teens|Grammar activating|El|19. Ancient civilisations
  20. 20. Teens|Grammar activating|El|20. Revise and check 2
  21. 21. Teens|Grammar activating|El|21. Talent show
  22. 22. Teens|Grammar activating|El|22. Safe cities
  23. 23. Teens|Grammar activating|El|23. Life now and then
  24. 24. Teens|Grammar activating|El|24. How to escape from housework
  25. 25. Teens|Grammar activating|El|25. Similar or different?
  26. 26. Teens|Grammar activating|El|26. The best in class
  27. 27. Teens|Grammar activating|El|27. Around the world in 50 minutes
  28. 28. Teens|Grammar activating|El|28. Revise and check 3